Premium Handpicked Australian Coral

With facilities located in Darwin, Cairns and Bundaberg, our range of livestock is unmatched.

We Ship Worldwide

We ship to all corners of the globe, including retailers in Australia and wholesalers in Europe, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and the America’s.


With collection activities in the North, East and West of Australia, and a growing aquaculture program, we can provide you with an impressive range.

World Class Facilities

With dedicated husbandry staff, modern filtration and lighting, you can be assured you will receive healthy and quality livestock every time.

Premium Quality

Treat your aquarium with natural wonders

We believe in bringing the wonder and beauty of the coral reef to the world so it can be enjoyed, understood and valued. Each specimen is collected or grown for it’s colour, size, health and beauty.

Sustainably Sourced

Carefully selected to protect the reef

All of our livestock is collected under government regulated licences with strict limits in place. We are a proud member of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authorities Reef Guardian program.

Experienced Team

We go to great depths for our customers

With an experienced team of 40 staff, 3 state of the art facilities and collection capability in all parts of Australia, we work hard to provide our customers with the very best range, quality and service.

The Process

How it works

1. Choose

Our extensive range and consistent supply enables you to make the most of every order.

2. Order

Online ordering with personalised customer service means that you get what you order every time.

3. Shipping

Your shipment is in safe hands. Professional packing, easy communication and experienced freight agents means you can rely on us.

4. Smile

Put simply, we love what we do, and you will too. Working with us is easy, reliable and enjoyable.