About us

Ethics is at the heart of what we do

Monsoon Aquatics are a world leading supplier of premium hand-picked Australian Coral and Marine life. With state of the art facilities in Darwin, Cairns and Bundaberg, collection capability in the North, East and West of Australia and a growing aquaculture program, we supply an unmatched range of coral to retailers in Australia and wholesalers and public aquaria all around the world.

Known for providing incredible coral at a fair price, and with a proven track record shipping out more than 1000 orders each year, you can rely on us to deliver.


Australian Exporter of the Year 2021

The Chief Ministers Northern Territory Export and Industry Awards

  • Northern Territory Exporter of the Year – 2018
  • Sustainability Award – 2019
  • Agribusiness Award – 2013, 2014, 2018, 2021
  • Small Business Award – 2015, 2016

Northern Territory Seafood Industry Awards

  • Seafood Business Award (Large) – 2019, 2021
  • Seafood Business Award (Small) – 2017


Reef Guardian Fisher, A Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority Initiative

The Reef Guardian Fishers program recognises commercial fishers who are fishing sustainably and maintaining the health of the Great Barrier Reef while building the future of their fishery, their business and the Reef.

Reef Guardian Fishers recognise the future of their fisheries relies on the health and resilience of the Reef. They use operational and innovative practices and procedures to go beyond what is required by State and Federal laws.

Known Consignor

Known consignors must meet and maintain a high level of security to ensure cargo is safe to load on to an aircraft. Monsoon Aquatics have demonstrated that we have security measures and procedures in place and can secure our cargo from where it originates, until it is handed to another regulated business.