Our aquaculture program provides a sustainable and consistent supply of high quality coral and clams.

At Monsoon Aquatics our sustainably harvested wild-caught range and our aquacultured range complement each other to provide our customers with a consistent supply of affordable, high-quality corals and clams.

We have dedicated aquaculture programs at our Darwin and Bundaberg facilities where we produce giant clams through spawning and corals through propagation (fragging) and spawning.

Our Bundaberg facility is Australia’s largest coral farm:

  • 5 acre fully approved waterfront aquaculture site
  • Oceanic pipeline able to supply over 20,000 litres of clean ocean water each day
  • 1500 square metres of indoor coral aquaculture space
  • 250 square metres of corals frags growing out and room for more
  • Dedicated coral spawning lab
  • Dedicated live food production area
  • Dedicated coral propagation area producing over 2500 frags per week
  • 3rd generation coral frags from numerous species

You can take a tour of the farm by following this link – Australia’s Largest Coral Farm – Full Tour! – YouTube

Our coral propagation program provides our customers with consistent supply and a larger range to fill their orders with. We can supply entry level frags right through to the super rare high-end collectors editions. Our frags are conditioned to the aquarium environment so they are ready to go right out of the box.

We are also investing heavily into the research and development of new and improved coral aquaculture methods. This includes our coral spawning program which we started in 2019 that focuses on key species of importance to the Aquarium industry. We have been awarded multiple Accelerating Commercialisation grants from the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources through their Entrepreneurs’ Programme.

So far we have spawned six species, including a successful world first spawning and grow out of Homophyllia australis otherwise known as Scoly coral.

Our vision is to be able to supply the ornamental aquarium market with fully aquacultured corals, and to use the procedures and technology developed for future reef restoration efforts.