Our aquaculture program provides a sustainable and consistent supply of high quality coral and clams.

At Monsoon Aquatics our sustainably harvested wild-caught range and our aquacultured range complement each other to provide our customers with a consistent supply of affordable, high-quality corals and clams.

We have dedicated aquaculture programs at our Darwin and Bundaberg facilities where we produce giant clams through spawning and corals through propagation (fragging).

By spawning and growing giant clams we are able to provide large numbers of clams at affordable prices, these complement the limited number of wild clams we can harvest and allow many more people to enjoy these amazing animals.

Our coral propagation program provides our customers with consistent supply and a larger range to fill their orders with. We can supply bread and butter frags right through to the super rare high-end collectors editions. Our frags are conditioned to the aquarium environment so they are ready to go right out of the box.

Our customers can purchase propagated corals individually alongside our wild-caught range or separately as part of a scheduled subscription service.

We are investing heavily into the research and development of new and improved coral propagation methods. This includes a coral spawning program which we started in 2019 that focuses on a few key species of importance to the Aquarium industry.