We have the experience, knowledge, facilities, and networks to take care of all your Australian coral requirements. We also supply a range of fish, clams, live rock and invertebrates.

World class facilities

Our world class facilities are located in Darwin, Cairns and Bundaberg. 

Designed and built to our own specifications, and staffed by our qualified team of Aquarists, our systems allow us to separate corals by lighting requirements, flow requirements, water quality preferences, substrate needs, compatibility and more. With the latest in lighting technology, and access to seawater, we have tanks full of happy coral year-round.


We have a fleet of in survey vessels capable of undertaking collections trips from 1 to 14 days. Our three main larger vessels are supported with several smaller vessels allowing for flexibility. Larger vessels mean we are less influenced by the weather impacting on our ability to collect. This, along with our widespread collection area, ample holding capacity and complementary aquaculture program, mean that you can be assured of a steady supply.

Packed with love

With over 10 years experience in shipping live marine life our focus is always on having your shipment arrive to you in peak condition and ready for sale. This starts with only sending healthy and vibrant stock. Each and every shipment sent from our facilities is either hand picked or approved by our Operations Managers. 

Our packing teams are well trained and work on a 24 hour roster to ensure transit time is kept to an absolute minimum. Custom designed packing systems make use of UV sterilised packing water and oxygen is used in every bag, which are made to our own specifications. You can be assured that your order is packed with skill and care.


Our network of Freight Agents, and the volume of shipments that we send each year, puts us in a favourable position to offer competitive pricing and the reliability and knowledge that can only come with experience.

Public Aquaria

Our Founding Director Daniel Kimberley started his career working for Sydney Aquarium, giving us rare insight into the specialist needs of Public Aquaria. We have the scale and experience to deliver to these unique requirements. Approach us for a bespoke solution to fit your project.