Jonathan Moorhead

Head Scientist

Jon joined the team 2021 following our successful application for an Australian Federal Government Accelerating Commercialisation grant to continue our work in the area of coral spawning. He was a pivotal part of our team that achieved a world first spawning of Homophyllia australis coral.

He is skilled and experienced in the design and development of a range of specialised and innovative tanks and support systems.

He has worked in a broad range of roles across industrial aquaculture, public aquariums and academic research.

He has a PhD (in captive breeding techniques) and degree qualifications in Applied Science (Aquaculture).

The team

Daniel Kimberley

Founding Director

Brooke Kimberley

Business Manager

Tim Green

Skipper 'MV San Pasquale II'

Shane Sweeney

Sales - Wild Caught

Geryn Daniels

Lead Packer - Cairns

Juno Siu

Aquarist/Sales - Frags

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General Manager - Wild Caught

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Maintenance Officer - Cairns

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Aquarist/Packer - Darwin

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Aquarist - Bundaberg

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Aquarist - Bundaberg

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Aquarist/Packer - Darwin

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Fish Specialist - Cairns

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Skipper 'MV Tunamoon'

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Skipper 'MV Chartreuse'

Minuk ‘Andrew’ Son


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Mark Tate

Aquarist/Packer - Cairns

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Tour Leader

Oliver Leigh

Lead Aquarist - Bundaberg

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Sheryl Thompson

Finance Manager