Dan Boserio

Fish Specialist - Cairns


What energises you at work?
I’m energised by the love of this industry and its diversities and variety , at any day something new and unusual can come through the door, I’ve been doing it 32 years this year and every now and then something will put you in awe.

What’s the biggest misconception people have about you?
Not sure if there are too many misconceptions about me , what you see is what you get , I like to wear my heart on my sleeve.

What would we most likely find you doing on the weekend?
Weekends are generally family time , take my kids fishing, to the beach , swimming , camping if a chance. But as we all know in this industry boats come in at all times and fish go out at all times too.

Favourite coral and why?
Favourite coral is quite simply the Scoly can’t be trumped in my book!

What do you love about the job?
The job throws you variety and diversity,┬áit’s never boring always challenging but that’s why I do it.

The team

Daniel Kimberley

Founding Director

Brooke Kimberley

Business Manager

Tim Green

Skipper 'MV San Pasquale II'

Shane Sweeney

Sales - Cairns

Geryn Daniels

Lead Packer - Cairns

Jonathan Moorhead

Head Scientist

Juno Siu

Aquarist/Sales - Frags

Sophie Dyer

Facility Manager - Darwin

Luke Browning

Maintenance Officer - Cairns

Ashlea Williams

Lead Packer - Darwin

Steven Sing

Sales Support - Darwin

Paddy O’Donnell

Aquarist - Bundaberg

George Simmonds

Aquarist - Bundaberg

Charlie Coyne

Sales - Darwin

Emanuel Pedroza

Aquarist - Darwin

Michele Oliviera Silva

Propagation Aquarist - Bundaberg

Samuel Deutscher

Propagation Lead - Bundaberg

Mark Tate

Aquarist/Packer - Cairns

Dylan McKirdy

Skipper 'MV Chartreuse'

Dane Bulder

Skipper 'MV Tunamoon'

Samuel Adams


Oliver Leigh

Aquaculture Farmhand - Bundaberg

Eric Walker


Sheryl Thompson

Finance Manager

Ashlee Smith

Aquarist/Packer - Darwin