About Us

Owned and operated by Daniel Kimberley since 2008, Monsoon Aquatics collects marine fish and coral, native Australian fish and land hermit crabs from some of the Northern Territory’s most remote locations. The products are then exported around Australia and internationally to a wholesale market. Monsoon Aquatics were named Winner of the 2013 and 2014 Northern Territory Export Awards.


Monsoon Aquatics hand select all fish and coral by hand. The fragging (fragmenting) process allows small pieces of coral to be removed from mother pieces in a method similar to gardening the reef. Whether hand collecting crabs from remote beaches, netting fresh water fish in creeks and lagoons or diving offshore Monsoon Aquatics regularly encounter some of Australia’s deadliest animals including Crocodiles, Bull Sharks, Marine Stingers and Stone Fish. 7 metre, Northern Territory tides also create limited visibility underwater. However dangerous, the work also takes staff to some of the most beautiful and pristine, remote environments where dolphins, whale sharks and turtles are prolific, providing a unique and highly rewarding environment, experienced by very few.


Monsoon Aquatics was established by Daniel Kimberley in 2008. What started as a part time operation from a small 5 meter boat, has rapidly grown into a successful business with a staff of 10 including divers and packing and husbandry crew. Offering product to domestic Australian markets, Monsoons Aquatics began exporting internationally in 2012 and expanded to purchase their 17 meter vessel, San Pasquale II, in 2013.